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Why are so many people dying now?

The vaccines are the cause of the people who have recently become sick and are dying (supposedly from covid-19). Do you notice how before the vaccines came out the news said lots of people were dying but you didn't actually know anybody who was dying? And now you may know some people who are actually dying? It's from the vaccines. In the beginning of this covid campaign in 2020 they were blaming covid on the flu, just normal flu, and they were calling it Covid-19. The death rate was literally less than 1%, it was only people in their late seventies who were dying. And now people of all ages are dying but the news is lying and saying that they're un-vaccinated. Their definition of someone who's vaccinated is somebody that received the vaccine 14 days ago or less! If you received it more than 15 days ago they don't consider you vaccinated! This means that their numbers are completely false, complete lies, complete fabrication. Now you might ask "why are these vaccinated people dying?". The reason is because the vaccine creates a autoimmune response of perpetual inflammation, this is due to their body's now-constant creation of genetically modified proteins called spike proteins (this is what the vaccines make your body do) and this causes extreme inflammation in your heart and lungs (as well as every other area of your body!), mimicking the supposed effects or symptoms of Covid-19, this is why people are dying now. It's from the vaccines.
The perfect deception.

These people can also spread this genetically modified spike protein. In fact these people are now genetically modified and they can never undo that, and being around them and or having sex with them, and various things such as these, can allow the spike protein to spread to you and cause inflammation within you.
Literally the perfect deception.

The television is the image of the Beast spoken of in the last book of the Bible called revelation and if you're listening to the image of The Beast you're making grave mistakes. What the spike protein is, what it does, and how it spreads from person to person.

The vaccine will be activated one day via frequency manipulation from 5G. This frequency is called "electroMAGNETIC-frequency". Graphene is one of the main component technologies in the jabs, and Graphene is highly magnetic and self-replicating. Injecting graphene into your body makes your body magnetic. By making your body magnetic, it enhances the ability of electromagnetic-frequency (EMF) waves to manipulate you.


Using a razor blade to remove an RFID CHIP implant out of a vaccinated person's arm. (these are hidden inside of the needles of the pre-packaged syringes!) -

EMPTY HOSPITALS. What the news is hiding from you.

PCR SWABS. The real purpose.

The Covid-19 Swab tests contain nanotechnology worms("morgellons") which splinter off inside of your nasal cavity near your trigeminal nerve cluster and the olfactory nerve, from which they gain direct access to your brain! These will act as receivers for the frequency manipulation a.k.a. modulation.

Blue MEDICAL MASKS. The real purpose. - LUCIFERASE being revealed by a black light in a man's arm post vaccine - Luciferase 2.0 - 1995 Dr. Pierre Gilbert exposing future Magnetic Vaccine Frequency Manipulation Agenda - Graphene phone sticking to arm - Man turns into magnet - Nano knowledge - How spike protein spreads from the vaccinated - Covid PCR nano tests ordered by every government on earth back in 2017 - THOSE REFUSING THE VACCINE SENT TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS - REMEMBER THOSE CHEMTRAILS - No snakebite no job. Persecution begins. - Graphene neural lace in the snakebite - NANOBOTS - Nano Magnetofication from snakebite - Vaccine reaction - Terrible COVID mRNA Vaccine Reactions! - Must See Video - Magnetic meat - Magnetic meat - Magnetic meat - COMPILATION OF MAGNETS STICKING TO ARM AFTER COVID VACCINATION

2 minute long clips.

[this video shows the entire agenda! everything! ] - This Is the Video to Watch: Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence - THIS IS F'N CRAZY. This One Man Said it All In 2014. COVID-19 THE REAL AGENDA. Watch And Listen. NWO - Destruction Of The Third Temple -- Changing The Channel Of Humanity. - It's WORSE than YOU think (full Documentary) - WATCH "CELL" MOVIE - Antinano device for detoxing your body