The Essene Humane Gospel of Yashaya Christ

The Essene Humane Gospel of Yashaya Christ

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It is recorded in the homilies of St. Chrysostom that Yashaya told his disciples if they wanted to learn the mysteries of God, they would first have to be of humane character. He said to them: "For if ye are disposed to be humane, ye will learn of the unspeakable mysteries....Be ye therefore humane, that ye may hear these things."

Here St. Chrysostom implies that those who are prepared to receive Christ and His holy law will be entertained by Christ's words, "Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world."

The word humane describes man at his very human best, man who not only knows God's laws, but lives by them daily, for humaneness is a virtue that results from the understanding of the 14 spiritual fruits of the holy spirit. (See the Holy Law Code.) It can be said that the present Bible translations of our day discredit greatly the humane quality of Yashaya, his teachings being tampered with by Bible editors of the third and fourth centuries.

Only the Essene writings contain the complete story of the most kind and generous of all men, a man that by his moral strength of holy character puts all other men to shame, especially the religious frauds of today who preach in his holy name. Yes, so-called men of God who eat animal flesh, hunt, fish, trap animals, indulge in hard drink, lead sordid sex lives, participate in politics, support warfare and weapons and have an absolute lack of interest in the human affairs of their fellow man, not to mention the innocent creatures of God. There are very few men who can call themselves men of God who can even come close to the standard of humaneness Christ set for his true disciples. Yashaya warned of such men who would mislead the sheep of his fold for dishonest gain and riches, men interested in fame only and not in the truth of the Godhead. Little do such men realize their fate when Christ tells them: "Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness, I know you not!"

The following Gospel can help many back to the narrow road of life. All are invited -- there is still time to make the right change for the better and follow God's law for life. There is no substitute for truth; the Essenes proved this long ago as they accepted the Christ while others did not. They proved to be the very fountainhead of pristine Christianity, and because of them we have this humane gospel today to read and study. John the Baptist was without the slightest doubt an Essene prophet raised up by God to announce and make ready for the coming of Christ on earth. He was a forerunner of the kingdom's promised heir and Messiah. Thus he was spiritually and physically prepared to identify with and relate to prophecies concerning him.

The Essene brotherhood, established long before Yashaya's birth, was in all readiness to provide whatever Yashaya would need in the way of shelter, food and right education under their lofty standards set into motion for and by God's holy law. If it were not for the Essenes we would have no gospel whatsoever today, for they were responsible for its original writing and careful preservation. Copies of the gospel in fragment form are and have been discovered in many lands. And slowly but surely, we will one day soon have most of Yashaya's writings. St. John told us this when he said: "The writings of Yashaya would indeed fill many books, which the world could not contain."


Part 1

2. The Birth of John the Baptist
3. The Prophecy of Earth Being Transformed into an Edenic Paradise
4. The Birth of Yashaya in a Cave
5. Yashaya Sets Free the Captive Birds
6. Yashaya Teaches the Gentiles; Holy Law Given to All Nations
7. All Creation Respects Yashaya -- Promise of Paradise Restored
8. Yashaya Rescues a Lion
9. John the Baptist, Forerunner of Yashaya
10. The Holy Christ Descends on Yashaya
11. Yashaya -- Interpreter of the Holy Law
12. Yashaya Tempted by Satan
13. Yashaya, the Lamb of God, Holy and Humane
14. Yashaya Appoints Apostles after His Name
15. Yashaya and Mary of Magdala
16. Yashaya, the Light, Exposes the Evil of Darkness
17. Yashaya Teaches Physical Health Reform: The Natural Cures of Nature
18. Yashaya Fulfills the Scroll of Isaiah
19. Yashaya Continues to Make Disciples
20. Yashaya Condemns the Hunter of Animals

Part 2

21. Yashaya Counsels The Rich
22. The Pharisees Charge Yashaya with Blasphemy
23. Yashaya Restores the Hearing of a Deaf Man
24. Yashaya Condemns the Ignorance of the Pharisees
25. Forgive Thy Brother Seventy Times Seven Times
26. Yashaya Rescues a Horse from a Wicked Master
27. Yashaya Condemns Animal Sacrifice: Shows It to Be from Satan and Not God
28. Yashaya Blesses the Beasts and the Children In the Holy Name of the True God
29. Yashaya Rebukes the Cruel Treatment Of a Sickly Creature of God
30. Satan Responsible for Every Disease; The Unholy Law of Lust
31. The Sermon on the Mount
32. Yashaya Tells of the Origin of the World
33. The Eyes, the Lamps of the Body
34. Judge Ye Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
35. Yashaya Warns of False Prophets Who Will Twist His Words And Make a Lie of Truth
36. Yashaya Upholds the Pure Oblation And Clean Diet of Man and Beast
37. John the Baptist Inquires of the Christ: Is Told Yashaya Is the Promised One
38. Yashaya Sends Forth His Apostles Unto Israel and the Nations
39. Yashaya Feeds 5000 with Six Loaves And Seven Clusters of Grapes
40 Yashaya the True Bread and the Living Vine

Part 3

41. Only Yashaya Has Sayings of Everlasting Life
42. Blood and Sacrifices Vain, Do Not Take Away Sin
43. Yashaya Condemns the Ill-Treatment of a Camel
44. Yashaya Tells His Disciples to Feed His Sheep
45. The Humane Christ, Man at His Best
46. Yashaya Helps a Small Kitten in Need
47. Unlawful to Torture or Torment Animals
48. The Eating of Animals, Birds and Fish Unlawful; Fishermen Condemned
49. Yashaya Releases the Caged Birds
50. The Return of the Holy Twelve
51. Only Yashaya Gives Rest, for He Is the True Rest
52. Yashaya Again Gives the Holy Law
53. Yashaya Interprets the Law
54. Yashaya the Living Water Which Cometh from Heaven
55. Yashaya Feeds One Thousand with Five Melons
56. The True Temple: The Body of Man, In Which God's Spirit Dwells
57. Yashaya Knows His Sheep; the True Sheep Know Him
58. Yashaya Warns of Lying Shepherds Who Will Mislead The Sheep
59. True Sons and Daughters of God- Those Who Work Righteousness
60. The Hypocrisy of the Scribes and the Pharisees

Part 4

61. The Two and Seventy Return to Yashaya
62. Yashaya Gives the Sign of the End of Wickedness
63. Yashaya Gives the Sign of Jonah, The Secret Sign of the Fish
64. Yashaya Tells Us the Mystery of Man's Creation
65. Four Trinities Hidden in the ONE GOD
66. Yashaya Orders the Money Changers And Butchers Out of the Temple
67. Yashaya Prepares His Disciples For His Departure from Earth
68. Humane Love the Fulfillment of the Holy Law
69. The Love Supper of Yashaya- The Day Before the Pagan Passover Ritual of the Jews
70. The PURE OBLATION-The Salvation of the World
71. Shedding of Innocent Blood Is of No Value; Only Living a Righteous Life Brings Peace
72. The Commandment of ALL LOVE- Humane Love a Requirement
73. Yashaya Enters into the Pure Oblation with His Disciples- The True Last Supper
74. All Truth Is from God in Heaven Above
75. Yashaya Hurriedly Prepared for Execution
76. Yashaya, Asleep for Three Days in the Tomb of the Dead- Reappears to His Disciples
77. Yashaya Sends Forth the Holy Spirit of Wisdom
78. Yashaya Appears unto His Disciples Assembled Behind Locked Doors
79. By the Simplicity of Woman, Shall the World Be Saved

Part 5

80. What Is Truth?
81. Seek the All-Truth Only. Be Not Satisfied With Doctrines of Men-One-sided Truth
82. Truth the Mightiness of God
83. The Order of God's Kingdom
84. Some to Have Spiritual Gifts of Guidance, Prophecy, Teaching, Healing
85. Man Profits No Thing without Such Qualities
86. Keep the Sabbath As the Memorial of Yashaya's Laws
87. Life Is Sacred and Pleasurable, Rejoice in the Joy of Life
88. The Disciples, the Light of the World
89. Yashaya Ascends to Heaven, at 49 Years of Age
90. The Arrival of the Holy Spirit
91. Peter Presides over the Disciples As the Teacher of Righteousness
92. Essene Communes, the True Home of Christians
93. The Disciples Review Yashaya's Words